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Oh, Boy...Oh, BOY!!!


I couldn't help but shed a few tears yesterday morning at 3:00 am, as my son Kyler's voice broke in joy as he excitedly exclaimed over the phone, "It's a boy!  We have a perfect baby boy!"

Not that they would have been disappointed even one little tiny bit if it had been a girl...Kyler was just so overwhelmed with relief and happiness that their precious little one had finally arrived.  In this day and age it's a little unusual for the parents not to find out their baby's gender beforehand, so we were all eagerly awaiting the birth and the extra bonus surprise of whether we were getting a boy or a girl.



Welcome to the family, Abram Kenneth Gray, born at 2:36 am. on Tuesday, March 25.

7 lbs. 9 oz. and 20.25" of absolute newborn perfection!!!



Kyler called me Monday evening about 11 pm. to tell me Kara was in labor and they were heading to the hospital.  They were checked in by midnight, and just 2 1/2 hours later Abram was born!  No birth is "easy," but Kara even said it wasn't nearly as bad as she'd imagined.



Since they live in Cincinnati, a nearly-two-hour drive away, I could hardly stand to wait until Kim and I got our day's schedules rearranged/canceled and we jumped in the car to meet our new grandson.



Oh, and to congratulate his new parents!  They done good!!!



Abram was oblivious to all the commotion...he was content to snuggle and nap as we passed him around.



The pediatrician stopped by to check him out, and he woke up with nary a cry...



...and opened his gorgeous blue eyes wide to see what the fuss was all about.



Such an alert little fella, only a few hours old!



The doctor helped Kyler put on what he called a strait-jacket-undershirt to keep him from scratching his tender skin again, since he seems to love putting his hands up by his face.



Baby feet!  Oh, how I love sweet, soft, crinkly new baby feet!!!  Abram has long toes like his daddy!



Kara's mom Peggy is one of my dearest friends, and it's extra-special getting to share such a blessed time with her!  This is her first grandchild, and they (like us!) are over-the-moon in love with him!!!



How fun it's going to be sharing all those special moments together over the years watching Abram grow up!



Kara's sister Kelli became an aunt for the first time too!



Kim and me with our "baby" and his baby!  My, how time does fly!!!



After a wonderful visit and lots of baby head-smelling and cheek-smooching, we headed back home in a swirl of snow!  Really, this is the winter that just won't let go...



A day to remember, for sure, and our lives will never be the same now that little Abram's in our world to love.

Oh, boy...oh, BOY!!!



Claire Hoffman

What a perfect gift. He is so precious! I'm sure he and Krew will be great friends. Congratulations to the Gray and Morton families! And thank you, Terry, for sharing your little bundle of joy with us! Can't wait to meet the little guy. - CH

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