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As you are reading this, I'm heading south.

It's Spring Break in our neck of the woods (even though Spring itself has yet to arrive!), and Emily and I are flying to Florida for a week with my sister Maria and her family.

While we've had this trip in the back of our minds for awhile, it all hinged on baby Abram (funny how a baby that hadn't even been born yet ruled our lives!).  This Gramaw was no way leaving until she had held that sweet new grandbaby in her arms!  Abram loved Gramaw and Aunt Emmy so much that he came a few days we had time to make trip plans after all.

So...I'll be taking this week off from blogging to enjoy a short vacay with my peeps!  Not to worry, my camera is taking the trip with me so I'll have plenty to share with you when I get home next week.

Adios, amigos!  I'm...




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