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Grand Graybunch Christmas Finale

Wonderful Christmas Day


Our grandsons were practically bursting with excitement Christmas Eve!  The girls...well, they surely knew something was up and were just loving all the extra attention.

After a quiet, calm, peaceful Christmas morning together, Kim and I walked next door to eat breakfast with the very hyped-up grandkids and see what Santa had left them.  What fun, happy chaos...just like many wonderful Christmases we had when our four children were young...there's nothing like the magic of Christmas through the sparkling eyes of children!  But then we walked back home in the still frosty morning light to our QUIET, unchaotic cabin...and I have to admit, as much as I loved those years, this season of our lives is pretty darn nice too!



As we have the past few years, we hosted Christmas dinner for my side of the family at the cabin.  You gotta love any dinner when Mama walks in with a stack of her homemade pies...



Five-year-old Karter had been keeping constant inventory of the gifts under the tree, and he relished his role as Head Christmas Elf passing out the gifts.  He had looked at the tags so much, he had them memorized!



Never to be left out,  3 1/2-year-old Kaden passed out a few himself.



Her Elfness Miss Kassie (14 months old) (with Daddy Kristoffer)...



...and twin sister Miss Kelsey loved the toy cell phone and knew immediately what to do with it!



Guess Gramaw should have bought two, as a few sister spats broke out over it.



Kelsey is not a gracious loser...



And Kassie (with my sister Barb) is not the most gracious winner either!  I'm quite sure that over the next 18 years there'll be a few more sister spats!



We had a small gathering this year, with just 10 adults and the 4 children there.  But we had a very nice time together, and like the rest of us, Dad and Mama really enjoyed it.



As I've done the past couple of years, I put together a family calendar for each family...



...which is always a hit.  Next year, my resolution is NOT to be picking them up from the photo lab on Christmas Eve....procrastination....



I do LOVE my boys!!!



Assembly is always required...and don't forget the batteries...



Kassie was prancing in her new boots!



Kelsey just wanted to open gifts...she didn't care whose name was on it!



Some things never change!  Papaw Bud may be almost 82 years old, but he still likes to rough-house with the kids.  He wasn't nicknamed "Buddy Rough-House" for nothing!



Mama surprised Zach and Emily with hats that she knitted for them.  Aren't they cute?!  The kids AND the hats....



What's more fun for two little boys than a fast racetrack?  That would be TWO racetracks...it just so happened that Santa and Gramaw think alike, so both boys ended up with identical racetracks.  So I know there's a whole lot of racing happening at THEIR house (oh the joy of being the grandparents!)!



Mama always gets cramps when she eats too many sweets, and apparently eating a teaspoon of mustard is an instant cure.  Ugh...the real photo would have been Mama's face after eating the mustard!  But it did work...



I do so love my family!  And what a blessing to share with those who could be here...

...a wonderful Christmas Day.



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