Gittin' Outta Dodge
December Day on the Seashore

Gramaw's Girls


I'm BACK!!!

Arriving home very late last night after 18 hours in the car (nearly 4 of those involving waiting on or riding on a ferry, the only way to get on/off the island right now), I've got oodles of photos and stories to match that I need to wade through in the next couple of days.


Can hardly believe that it was just Monday that we were basking on the beach with temps in the 70s and a perfectly PERFECT December beach day.  This morning when we woke up in the cabin, the temperature was 1 degree.  ONE!!!  I was thinking about getting my Christmas tree today, but it's going to have to do some serious warming up before I head to the tree farm.

Anyway...I can't wait to share our adventures, but first on the agenda is seeing my grandbabies that I missed so much...haven't seen them in 7 whole days!!!



Missing my boys too, of course, but I just had to share these photos from right before we left of Kassie and Kelsey (having a crazy hair day!), 14 months old...

...Gramaw's girls.



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