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Cozy Cabin Christmas

Boys, Babies, Books, Basketball, and Beddy-Bye


While Daddy Kristoffer and Mommy Dana finished their Christmas shopping one evening, Papaw and I had a whole lot MORE fun having all four grandkids over.

They're all crazy over books, and loved looking through Gramaw's Christmas collection.



Kaden, at 3 1/2, can pretty much read all of How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  He amazes me!



Teaching them to become IU basketball fans is one of my cherished grandmother duties, and I gave them a poster which the boys studied diligently.



I'm so glad 5-year-old Karter is out of school for a couple of weeks!  Even though I know he's thriving in kindergarten, I miss seeing that kid!



Kassie and Kelsey are now very, very BUSY 14-month-olds.



Kelsey is not still for a moment, always busy getting into something...



...while Kassie is busy charming everyone.



After a hectic evening of busy boys, babies, books, and basketball, there's no sweeter sight for this Gramaw than seeing Kaden and Karter all snuggled in when it's finally time for beddy-bye!



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