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Family and Food, Round 2

Black Friday Fun


You won't find this girl out in the Black Friday madness.

1.  I hate to shop even under the best of circumstances.

2.  I hate crowds.

Enough said...

Kim and I did Black Friday once upon a time, back in 1998 in the infancy of what has become an annual crazy shopping frenzy.  We got up at (yikes!!!) 6 am. to be at Lowe's when the doors opened so we could buy a TV.  These days, most people I know are finished by 6 am.

Anyway, while my daughter and daughters-in-law joined the madness, Gramaw and Papaw and Kyler kept all four grandchildren overnight.



While Kyler and I were enjoying our morning coffee, the kids were mountain-climbing...on the air mattress.



Over it and under it, wollerin' all over each other...and having a great time!

The top of it was a mountain and underneath (where they eventually ended) became a bear cave where Kaden was the mama bear and Karter was the papa bear.

And the Kelsey and Kassie were just wollerin' in all the attention!



I love the imaginative play of children!

And while the shopper-types were out hauling in the blockbuster deals, we were hanging out in the not-so-quite and not-so-peaceful cabin having our own version of...

...Black Friday fun.



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