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Sunday morning as I sat in the church pew, I was a proud mama.

Kamaron (on right) did an awesome job delivering the message about sharing Jesus with others.  And his brother Kristoffer was a willing volunteer as Kamaron demonstrated practical ways to have that very conversation that is so hard but yet so important.

As I sat there and listened to them, my heart was filled with thankfulness that God chose me to be their mother...



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I just love this time of year!

Thanksgiving and Christmas, my two favorite holidays...someone please stop the clock for a day or two, both are coming way too fast!

And by the time we are stuffed with our Thanksgiving dinner, will it really be true that there will only be 27 days until Christmas?! 



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I totally forgot to give these ugly teeth suckers to the boys at Halloween, but they didn't mind getting them late...


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Baby Girls are just SO SWEET!!!

And yes, that is my iPhone that Kassie is holding and trying to put in her mouth.  And no, I would never have let my children have such an expensive, sophisticated device in their little paws.

But with my grandchildren...well, that's different....


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Indiana University basketball is in full swing, our favorite winter pasttime.

Last night they had their first loss of the season.

Kim yelled at the TV, slammed his hand against the chair, fussed and scolded the team and coach and refs for two hours, like he was totally disgusted and by the time it was over I was half-mad at him.

After the buzzer, he looked at me very calmly and said, "Well, they played a pretty good game."

REALLY???!!!  I'd hate to see how he acts when they play a "bad" game....oh, I'm sure I'll have that opportunity soon enough...


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Fun day ahead!!!

Emily and I are headed down to Bloomington to a huge craft bazaar at my sister Barb's church, where she is having a booth filled with her handmade creations.

While I was at her house a couple of weekends ago, she showed me a preview of what she's working on...and she was in the midst of a bunch of projects!  She's very artistic and talented...I know her stuff won't last long, so we're getting there when the doors open.  I've got my sights on a few items already...

Plus, what could be better than a fun day with my favorite daughter?!

Have a super Saturday yourselves!





Love your post on the IU game last night! They did play pretty good...but we were having the same reactions.

Love those Hoosiers!

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