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Bonus from last weekend's trip to Bloomington for Sydney's black belt and Anique's shower...driving the gorgeous fall roads of southern Indiana.  Fall is my favorite time of year...


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If laughter really IS the best medicine, my overnight stay at sister Barb's house should keep me healthy for a good, long time!



Much, much better than any hotel...


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Barb challenged me to help her build a ball as big as possible...made of foil Rollo wrappers.

A girl after my own heart....I gave it my all....


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Amish families heading to church early last Sunday morning, just down the road from my father-in-law Kenny's house...


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Speaking of Kenny...

Before my mother-in-law Peggy died in 2007, Kenny and Peggy would take annual hiking trips with her sister and brother-in-law.  This past September, when Cindy and John were heading west for their annual trip, Kenny was finally able to go along without Peggy at his side.  While I know he still misses Peggy terribly, it was good for them to invite him and very good for him to go.

As he was packing for his trip, I insisted he take along my small pocket camera to take some photos.  He pooh-poohed it at first, telling me Cindy would take plenty of shots and he didn't need to take a camera plus the last picture he took was with an old Brownie camera.  But I don't give up easily, and just to make me happy he stuck it in his pocket.

When he got home and gave me back the camera, I almost dreaded looking at the shots and hoped that maybe he got a decent one or two during the 3 weeks they were gone.



When I began scrolling through the 350 photos he took (amazing in itself!), I was stunned at the FABULOUS photos he had! 



I mean...seriously???  This could be on the cover of National Geographic!!!



The man never ceases to amaze....


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Kim and I've got a fun Saturday in the big city planned...hope y'all have a great one too!




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