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Reezie and Company


My sister Maria (aka "Reezie") and her family should be nearly back to their Florida home by now.

They semi-surprised us all (with just a few days' notice) that they were making a quickie visit north for Halloween.



Our other sister Barb drove up from Bloomington and we all converged at Mama's for a day of food and laughter.

Barb couldn't believe that not-quite-12-year-old Wyatt is nearly as tall as she is!



And 8-year-old Seanna is growing up way too fast too!



In what has become a yearly tradition, we have a birthday cake to celebrate everyone's birthday that we don't get to celebrate with them during the year.  Barb is our designated birthday-cake-decorator...



...but she may lose her job since apparently she struggles with the spelling of "birthday."

Crazy things happen when the House girls get together!



So...our birthday cake turned into a "Birday" cake, complete with a few feathered friends to add to the theme.

Although Mama thought the bird in the upper left was actually a cat doing a handstand...

Scary, but I can totally see that!



Perhaps its not an example of prize-winning cake artistry, but we did get a lot of laughter just decorating it together.



Bless Michael's heart...he sometimes doesn't know quite what to think of his fun-loving, giggly sisters-in-law!

But he's a good sport and we're so thankful he brings Maria and the kids back home to Indiana once in awhile.  Because, as we all know, a Florida to Indiana road trip with two kids is not exactly a leisurely drive...



Of the three of us, Maria favors Mama the most.  Barb and I are always told we look like Dad (just what every girl/woman wants to hear!).



We've all inherited Mama's creative craftiness, and Barb is the queen in that arena.  She brought along some of her newest creations, including this infinity scarf that she made. 



Love, love, LOVE my seestas!!!



And a good time was had by all!

Such fun to share some wonderful family time with...

...Reezie and company.



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