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Our mallard diorama is coming right along, with plans for it to be completed by Thanksgiving.  I can hardly wait to show it to's going to be spectacular!!!

A key component to the project is the construction of a realistic habitat where the 8 taxidermied mallards can hang out for eternity (think "duck heaven"!), including the edge of a pond.  So our commissioned wildlife artist/taxidermist Steve created a pond just for us in our garage.



In case you ever have need to make your own pond...

It started out as a piece of foamboard with the holes carefully carved out where the swimming ducks will sit.



Enter "Magic Water" amazing product that was designed for train and miniatures hobbyists to produce realistic looking water for their scale models.



Steve just got plenty for our big project, mixing the resin and hardener and desired color (a lovely pond gray/green...) together.



Slowly and very carefully, pouring the pond....




The substance was very thick and slow-moving, but there were a lot of readjustments made to keep it from overflowing the side dams.

I told Steve he was pondering the pond.  He just looked at me... not sure he appreciates my attempts at humor...what's up with that?




Wait...can one level water???  Even fake water was very resistant to his leveling attempts and the water seemed to have its own agenda.  That force of gravity is a strong one.  Just sayin'...



All those bubbles amazing disappeared as it cured (it took a couple of days to completely set up).

Although I told Steve I was fine with them if they didn't disappear, because there are bubbles on ponds and it's going to be so high up they would hardly be noticeable...

But Steve, being the perfectionist he is, was not fond of the bubbles and they did in fact completely go away...


Mallard diorama pond

...leaving a perfectly glassy surface.

That looks incredibly like the surface of a real pond!

Preponderously amazing!  And I'm sure by now you've had quite enough of my...

...pond ponderings.



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