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Howdy from Btown!

Just so y'all know I haven't forgotten ya, I spent last night with my seesta Barb & BIL John in their lovely Bloomington home, where we are always greeted by the charming fox at the front door.

Apropos...since their last name is Fox....

Anyway, enjoying some sister time (we've already laughed enough to get us through the next week) and attending a couple of family events that I'll share with you in the days to come.

Have a terrific weekend...catch ya Monday!!!


Piano Lessons

originally posted November 24, 2009


​The fall of my second grade year I started taking piano lessons.
I'm not sure whose idea it was, Mama's or mine, but somewhere along the way our family acquired an ancient monster of a piano and I began taking lessons.
My teacher was Miss Hower, an old spinster who lived in a small, neat home in Hagerstown.
Miss Hower was exactly like one would picture an old spinster woman.  She was a tiny lady, always perfectly dressed in her fancy old-lady style... dark flowery-print dresses, lace collars, brooches, nylon hose and shoes.  Her hair adorned with fancy antique clips swept neatly into a bun at the back of her neck, Miss Hower always smelled of the lavender perfume that old ladies are so fond of.  She wore wire-rimmed spectacles halfway down her tiny wrinkled nose, with one of those librarian chains that held them like a necklace when she took them off.

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Pond Ponderings


Our mallard diorama is coming right along, with plans for it to be completed by Thanksgiving.  I can hardly wait to show it to's going to be spectacular!!!

A key component to the project is the construction of a realistic habitat where the 8 taxidermied mallards can hang out for eternity (think "duck heaven"!), including the edge of a pond.  So our commissioned wildlife artist/taxidermist Steve created a pond just for us in our garage.


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