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Cream and Crimson Christmas


After my trip to Bloomington Saturday, my mind is beginning to wander a bit beyond Thanksgiving and I'm starting to think a little about Christmas. 

Seeing those IU Sample Gates decked with Christmas greenery was like a big welcome hug, taking me back oh-so-many-years to wonderful memories of college days at Indiana University.



The main purpose of the visit was see a big arts and crafts show at my sister Barb's church.  Barb has been crafting hard with her good friend Trudy to fill a booth with fun stuff with all proceeds to go toward her mission trip to Myanmar in January.



Trudy (left) is a hoot.  Well, so is I guess they make a good pair!  I can only imagine how much laughter (perhaps even to the point of pants-wetting!) that these two generate during their crafting sessions!



Emily was my driver for the day, and we did a lot of laughing ourselves.  Barb explained to her the fine art of using just the right amount of expanding foam for one of her projects.



It was very crowded at the craft show, so after making our purchases we left and headed toward the beautiful IU campus, where I had my driver stop so I could take this rare photo without students filling the picture.  But WAS 11:00 am on a Saturday morning before Thanksgiving...most students were either still in bed or had left campus for the holiday week....aahhh, the life of a college kid....



Emily wanted to make a stop at the Union bookstore to pick up a poster.



Well, suffice it to say that neither Emily nor I can walk into the IU bookstore and leave with merely a poster in hand. 

Actually, I headed to the children's section and temporarily lost my mind...


IU tearaways

...when I laid my eyes on the CUTEST things I've ever seen...tiny IU candystripe tearaway basketball pants just like the IU players wear!  I couldn't resist and had to buy 2 pairs for my grandsons!!


IU jerseys

Then of course, to go along with the pants they "needed" jerseys...#0 Will Sheehey for Kaden and #11 Yogi Ferrell for Karter.  (Shhh...don't tell them!!!)

I hope I can hold out until Christmas to give them to the boys!  They are going to be so stinkin' CUTE!!!

Indoctrination starts young around here...grooming the next generation of IU Hoosiers!



A late lunch with Em at Grazie! before heading home.

A wonderful Saturday, chatting with my daughter as well as getting a start on a...

...cream and crimson Christmas.



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