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Saturday Snapshots and Snippets

Road Trip Photos


Sitting in the passenger seat as Kim drives, I always keep my camera never know when a photo will present itself as we're rolling down the highway!

We saw lots and LOTS of turbines!  Us Hoosiers are very familiar with the hundreds of turbines along I-65 in northern Indiana, but every couple of hours we saw several more groups of turbines all the way north to Appleton.



Such a beautiful time of year to travel!  It was overcast/rainy all the way home, but the changing trees were still oh-so-lovely.



An old weathered red barn and a line of pumpkins...a couple of my very favorite things.



The other extreme...

Holy Hill National Shrine of Mary sits high upon a hilltop in southeastern Wisconsin, near Milwaukee.  We were on a small highway and just happened to see its spires miles away before we finally reached the entrance.  Majestic!



But even the grandest cathedrals are not as lovely in my eyes as a rugged red wooden barn...especially framed by the changing autumn leaves.

Yes, I am a country girl at heart!



All too soon (since we had time constraints to meet) we had to abandon the charming by-ways for the boring highways.  But it was a great mini-vacay, a chance to see some different scenery, and snap a few...

...road trip photos.




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