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Smash-Cake Beauties


Smash cakes...the latest trend in baby birthday parties.



For all of you older folks (like me!) who didn't do the smash-cake thing with our children (I gave mine a slice, but not a whole cake...seems like a waste of perfectly good cake and icing, but what do I know?....), the idea is that you give the baby their own small birthday cake and let them go at it.


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Saturday Snapshots and Snippets

Mallard steve noe

Jack is flying high above our great room.

Well, actually in this photo he was flying across the wall of Taxidermist Steve's studio.  But now he's hanging in the alcove above our entertainment center, waiting to be joined by Jill and his other 6 mallard friends chillin' in their cattail-lined pond edge.

Yes, I've named him Jack.

Jack the Quack.

The diorama we're working on is going to be an awesome piece of art once it's finished.  I'll keep you posted (of course I will!).....


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Road Trip Photos


Sitting in the passenger seat as Kim drives, I always keep my camera never know when a photo will present itself as we're rolling down the highway!

We saw lots and LOTS of turbines!  Us Hoosiers are very familiar with the hundreds of turbines along I-65 in northern Indiana, but every couple of hours we saw several more groups of turbines all the way north to Appleton.


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