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Lions and Hyenas and Bears...Oh, My!


As much as I love safaris, this is one photo that I hope I never have a chance to take.



Just being this close to such a vicious animal as a wild hyena is enough to send chills through my body.

Even if he IS stuffed.



Walking into the 1000 Islands Nature Center in Kaukauna, WI early in the morning, there was NO ONE around and it was a little spooky.  I kept imagining...what if these all of these animals suddenly came back to life???  This girl'd been  in a heap of trouble.

(Don't tell me I'm weird for imagining such things.  Kim tells me that all the time...)



Downright scary!



I don't know how this itsy, bitsy place stuck behind some baseball diamonds acquired such an impressive collection of taxidermied animals and birds, but it really was fascinating to see.



I've seen a few of these in the wild in my very gorgeous and graceful!



When I see displays like these, I am always amazed once again at the creativity of our God when he made all the varieties of animals.

The beautiful symmetry of a zebra's markings...incredible!



I especially loved all the taxidermied water birds flying down the hallway.



And the question of the day...what kind of animal is this???

I was too busy taking the photo to read its name.  I will say it was huge, probably close to 2 feet in diameter at the base.  I thought it was a sea lion, but now I'm not so sure.  Anybody????



Pretty fascinating exhibits, for a nature-lover like me.

Lions and tigers hyenas and bears...oh, my!












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