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Happy 58!


October is a big birthday month around the Gray place, and Thursday it was Kim's turn to be the birthday boy.

I made the traditional Gray family favorite jelly cake (the sweetest rot-your-teeth concoction known to mankind!) and cooked up a big country dinner which 12 of us shared together.

When I asked Kim what he wanted for his birthday dinner, he said it didn't matter as long as it involved potatoes.  So potatoes he got...along with baked chicken, dumplings, homemade rolls, and corn.



And, of course, jelly cake. 

Kamaron supervised the placement of the random birthday candles we happened to have.



Karter and Kaden love jelly cake as much as their older Gray-men counterparts.



Lighting a cake-full of candles is serious business...



Looks like his birthday wish will come true!

(I'm sure his wish involves me...don't you think?  But wait...I already AM his wish come true!)



The best part was having so many family around to celebrate with us.

Happy 58, Kimmie!



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