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HouseHalloween 1970

Halloween 1970.

On the front porch of the County Line homestead where my parents still live.


Me (on the right) sporting my groovy hippie look with my sisters Barb (gypsy lady) and Maria (don't remember what her costume was) and our baby brother Mark dressed as a hobo.

Our trick-or-treating consisted of walking down to a couple of neighbors' houses and then a short drive to visit our grandparents.


GrayHalloween 1989

Fast-forward almost 20 years...Halloween 1989.

My own trick-or-treaters...5-year-old Emily, 3-year-old Kamaron, 7-year-old Kristoffer, and 10-month-old Kyler.

With no close neighbors and knowing few people here, Kim and I would drive the children a half hour to visit both sets of grandparents as well as some of their great-grandparents.

Happy Trick-or-Treating!




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