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All-Out Apple Cider Blitz


As I followed my man with his trailer full of apples, I knew it was going to be a very long afternoon that I'd been dreading all week.

Kim decided to finish off our bumper crop of apples by doing an all-out cider blitz Saturday with a goal of selling 100 gallons of cider.

I spread the word on Facebook and started taking orders.  When the orders total reached 120, he told me to stop.



Kim spent 10 hours picking 60 bushels of apples all by his lonesome.  That is a LOT of apples, folks!



Let the fun and games work begin!



Four generations of Gray men working together!



David worked very hard too...



...we couldn't have done it without his strong young energy!



Bottling the cider was a full-time job just trying to keep up.  You would think this would be the easy task, but it doesn't take long for the back to start hurting and your thumb (yes, your THUMB!) to start aching.



Dana was wonderful help...



And the girls kept us smiling...



...and were pretty darn patient during the 4.5-hour ordeal.



Karter was the #1 jug-man, keeping us supplied with new empty jugs and carrying away the filled ones.



Have you ever seen a more adorable jug-man???



Kaden did what Kaden does best...look cute, chatter non-stop, and keep us all entertained.



After 100 gallons were finished, we still had a LOT of apples to go!!!  Not sure what Kado is doing here...but what a darling little tushie!



Kassie sampled some sweet fresh cider in her sippy cup...



FINALLY!!!  The sight we all were thrilled to see....

156 total gallons!!!

Definitely a record-making day, and I told the boys they may never make that much cider in one day ever again in their lifetimes.

I certainly do hope I never have to....even Kim admitted it was a bit extreme.

We finished off apple season with a bang and a day none of us will ever forget... all-out apple cider blitz!




To say that is a lot of work is a major understatement! 156 gallons of deliciousness - That's quite an achievement in true Gray fashion...all four generations of it!

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