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A year and a half after we stacked it around the cabin, our poplar split-rail fence is finally achieving that weathered look that I love.



From the very beginning of the cabin-building project, our goal has been to build a new cabin that looks like it's been there for a long time.  Last May, our first spring in the cabin, we knew that a stacked rail fence would be the perfect rustic touch to our landscaping.  

Since we couldn't get the split rail fencing we wanted around these parts, Kim and I took a memorable road trip to West Virginia to pick it up ourselves and haul it home.  We loved the character of it right away, but it just looked, well, too NEW!



But there's really no way to make it look old except to let it weather naturally, so we stacked it and let it be.



Ah, yes!  The rain and the sun and the snow and the changing temperatures have all done their work and given the fence the beautiful silvery patina that we desired.



I love it!  And it's not finished its transformation yet.



The honeysuckle loves it too, wrapping its slender vines around the posts.



The beautiful white clematis climbed all over the fence this year, finally blooming its little star-shaped white flowers in late summer.



Everything just takes time and the cabin and its surroundings are beginning to look like we envisioned them, like its been there for awhile.









Kyler Gray

Great before and after of the zig-zag fence.

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