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Varsity Volleyballers


Emily and her classmate and friend Nisha are both helping with the Shenandoah teams this year...Emily as the JV coach and Nisha as the varsity assistant.

Nisha was the setter and Emily was a passer/hitter for Coach Leach's Raiders back at the turn of the century (sounds like a long time ago, doesn't it?)...



...and both of them were key players on the 2001 and 2002 sectional championship teams.

Now they are sitting side by side on the bench, mentoring young players. 

I've shared lots of junior varsity some from the varsity.



Avarie (#2) is just a freshman, but has lots and lots of volleyball experience playing offseason on one of the premier traveling teams.  She has loads of potential to be one of the best hitters Shenandoah has ever had.

Avarie's mom was Emily's coach back in junior high.  Small school stuff....


Vb-39 Vb-40

She's tall and aggressive...



...and just a beautiful sweet gal!  Like her momma!



Another of my favorite freshman is Macee, #1.  What a firecracker this girl is!


Vb-177 Vb-193

Macee brings so much energy, spirit, and athleticism to the team.  She's just fun to watch!



Has it really been that many years since Macee went to our church Bible School?  Now she's all grown up.



Micah, #21, is a sophomore.  My connection to Micah goes way back when she was about 4 years old, a darling little girl with a headful of curly red hair, at Bible Study Fellowship.  Her daddy was Kristoffer's high school chemistry teacher.  Again...small school stuff....


Vb-202 Vb-182

Micah is also a tremendous all-around player.  Much more subdued than Macee, Micah leads by her quiet example and sweet spirit.  She's the kind of player every coach wants, the glue that holds a team together and keeps her head.



But the girl can flat-out smack a volleyball too!



I'm not really connected to the other girls on the team.  I kinda know some of their parents, others not at all.  Once my kids graduated, it didn't take long for me to lose touch with the students.

There are some other great players, although I didn't take many shots of them because I don't want to share photos of girls I don't know without their permission.  But here are a few more of my favorite photos...



Vb-221 Vb-192








Head coach Adam Leach, who started his career at Shenandoah coaching Emily and Nisha, is a great coach that knows the game of volleyball as well as anyone.  Shenandoah is fortunate to have a coach of his caliber working with our girls.  He's a little quirky, but really a fun guy!  Emily and Coach Leach have had their "moments," but I know she has a lot of respect for him as a coach, as do I.


Vb-188 Vb-211





Don't you feel like you've just watched a volleyball match...minus the bleacher-butt???

I enjoy watching them play their hearts out on the court...

...the varsity volleyballers.





You are VERY WELCOME!!! I've got lots more on the Facebook album. Feel free to share both to whoever you want...I'm not FB friends or have emails for them.

I hope to take more and we'll get you a CD of the photos at the end of the season, if you'd like.

:) Terry

Libby Powell

Oh my gosh!!! What great pictures! Thank you so much for taking and sharing them. These are such a gift. Your comments about the team are very sweet and much appreciated as well.
~Libby :)

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