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Sunday Snapshots and Snippets


How many roosters are too many roosters?

Way back in the spring, Kristoffer bought 8 little chicks from the feed store for the children to see at the church Easter egg hunt.

As it turned out, 7 of them were roosters.  Beautiful, now-young-adult roosters!

But Kim felt sorry for our poor hens that were being raped constantly all day long, so he got rid of 5 of them, letting them loose in Kenny's woods.  They're either crowing up the sun every morning or the coyotes had themselves a tasty chicken feast...


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It's not every day that I see a blimp fly over our cabin.

The really cool thing is that I would have totally missed it had our friend Jeff not called me and told me that a blimp was flying just north of our place.  So I grabbed my camera and headed outside...sure enough, I could hear it before I even saw it.



Very nice having my very own spotters help me out....


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Multi-tasking is a given around this place.

After we made cider, the guys loaded up a freezer at Grandpa Kenny's that he gave to Emily and Zach for their new house. 

I THINK we've finally got them ALL MOVED IN....


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I think we've found a new taxidermist.

Eddie, the one who stuffed Ringo (our pheasant), had been working on a big diorama project for us involving 9 mallards.  Unfortunately, early this summer Eddie injured his back and hasn't been able to work.  After waiting 4 months with no end in sight, I finally went to pick up what he'd finished and we've been trying to find someone who will take up where he left off and finish the project.

That, my friends, is why we have 4 taxidermied mallards and 1 almost-finished taxidermied mallard in our guest bedroom, and 4 duck hides IN MY FREEZER!  Yuck...I'm really NOT FOND of having them in my freezer, but what else can we do until we find the right fella to finish the job???

Anyway, I've met with him once and he's coming over again next week.  Hopefully I can send those icky frozen bird skins home with him.

Kim came home the other day and I had the ducks all laid out.  He glanced that way and said, "Boy, those sure do look real!"

Yes Kim, that's because they ARE real....


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And, finishing on a bird note, the little hummingbirds are fattening themselves up to prepare for their LONG flight south in a couple of weeks.  They've been drinking up the sugar water like there's no tomorrow.

(Kim wonders if they dread the flight, like we surely would...what do you think?  Can birds think ahead like that???)

Anyway, this is a very unusual photo because rarely will 2 hummingbirds sit together and share a meal.  Being very territorial and feisty little birds, they usually chase off another one that comes up to eat.



Amazingly enough, as I was photographing (through the dirty kitchen window) the two sitting harmoniously, up flies a third hummer and they only turned their little heads to watch her, never budging from their perches.

Many times I've seen multiple hummers at the same time, but never have I been fortunate enough to photograph them together.  That was my lucky day!

Yesterday was crazy-busy and I'm planning to do a little RELAXING today!  Hope you all do the same!!!









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