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India Will Never Be The Same

Tom Curry with Johnson, original director of Hope Home, at the chapel dedication, 2002
I first met Tom Curry in February 2002.

It was my first mission trip to India, and the team from our church met Tom at the Chicago airport where he joined us as we flew to India.

Just 5 years before, Tom Curry's vision of a children's home in southern India had become a reality.  Tom, from east-central Indiana, is the founder of Hope Children's Home in the southern India state of Tamil Nadu.  Our church had come on board as one of the major financial supporters and many of us were sponsoring children in the home.

To say Tom Curry is a special man of God would be the understatement of the year.  He is way beyond the ordinary, an extraordinary example of a man living his faith and seeking to spread the gospel to the masses in India.


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Varsity Volleyballers


Emily and her classmate and friend Nisha are both helping with the Shenandoah teams this year...Emily as the JV coach and Nisha as the varsity assistant.

Nisha was the setter and Emily was a passer/hitter for Coach Leach's Raiders back at the turn of the century (sounds like a long time ago, doesn't it?)...



...and both of them were key players on the 2001 and 2002 sectional championship teams.

Now they are sitting side by side on the bench, mentoring young players. 

I've shared lots of junior varsity some from the varsity.


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Living Martyr

Last evening, as our small group talked about the horrific persecution of Christians across the world, I was reminded of one of the most remarkable Christian men I have ever met.  Dr. Cecil, who I met in southern India 5 years ago, is truly a modern-day martyr of the faith.  I have no idea if Dr. Cecil is still alive on this earth or if he has passed through Heaven's gates by now, but I do know he will live forever in my memory.  Originally posted on October 23, 2008, this post is one I never want to lose about a man I shall never forget.



Of all the amazing and incredible people that I met while in India, none impacted my life like this gentleman.  Meet Rev. D. Cecilraj, or Dr. Cecil as we called him, an extraordinary Christian doctor and courageous man of faith!


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Sunday Snapshots and Snippets


How many roosters are too many roosters?

Way back in the spring, Kristoffer bought 8 little chicks from the feed store for the children to see at the church Easter egg hunt.

As it turned out, 7 of them were roosters.  Beautiful, now-young-adult roosters!

But Kim felt sorry for our poor hens that were being raped constantly all day long, so he got rid of 5 of them, letting them loose in Kenny's woods.  They're either crowing up the sun every morning or the coyotes had themselves a tasty chicken feast...


Barbwire divider

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I Can See for Miles and Miles


As beautiful as Wednesday's sunrise was, I thought to myself as I walked back inside the cabin that I'm SO READY for the tall corn to be gone because it blocks my view of the sun peeking over the horizon.

Being able to see the sunrise across the fields every morning is one of the things I love most about the cabin.  But when the corn gets as tall as it did this year, by the time I actually see the sun it's already risen.


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