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I Can See for Miles and Miles


As beautiful as Wednesday's sunrise was, I thought to myself as I walked back inside the cabin that I'm SO READY for the tall corn to be gone because it blocks my view of the sun peeking over the horizon.

Being able to see the sunrise across the fields every morning is one of the things I love most about the cabin.  But when the corn gets as tall as it did this year, by the time I actually see the sun it's already risen.



But while I enjoy seeing the crops grow and the lovely summer days, by the end of the summer I begin to get a little antsy and feel hemmed in and I'm ready for my wide open spaces again.



The same afternoon I photographed that beautiful sunrise over the cornfield, Farmer JB took care of my sunrise-viewing problem.



In a few rounds with his HUMONGOUS combine (which you can see way, way back in the right corner of the field), the corn was harvested.

Just like that.

Kind of a weird feeling.  Ghostrider, who farmed our ground for 30 years and passed away last year, was a small-time farmer with small, older equipment and our crops were always some of the last in the county to be harvested.  Farmer JB, who now rents our land, is big-time with huge state-of-the-art machinery and our corn was some of the first to be picked this year.

I can breathe again...I can look out my window and see a whole lot more than a rows of super-tall cornstalks, and I love my view again!



I can see for miles and miles.....




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