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Baby Gray on the Way!!!


My lovely daughter-in-law Anique brought some very different reading material to the beach this year.

Yes!  She and Kamaron are expecting their first BABY the end of January!!!

Yes!  We're excited...we will soon welcome our 5th grandchild into the world!



Kamaron and Anique totally surprised us with the news in early June.

They came over one day for a visit and handed us a gift bag with a card explaining this was a late-Mother's-Day/early-Father's-Day gift, as Anique wrote, " that will be difficult to match in the future!", with a note to look on the back side.



It took a moment for it to sink in!!!




Needless to say, the whole Gray clan is thrilled to have another...

...Baby Gray on the way!



Excited for Kamaron and Anique!

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