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40 Years Ago....

IU snow 2009
photo credit Kyler Gray, Jan. 2009

Remembering the 40th anniversary of the biggest snowstorm of my lifetime...the Blizzard of '78.

(I originally wrote this post in January 2009, following a big snowstorm that closed down the Indiana University campus while my two youngest sons Kamaron and Kyler were students there.  While that was a big storm, it didn't hold a candle to THE WINTER STORM of my generation that had happened 31 years before....)

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My Very First Day of School

Today is the first day of school, at least in our neck of the woods it is.  And, of course, I took photos of my grandsons (which I'll post tomorrow) as they head off for a new school year adventure.  But the first day of school always reminds me of MY very first day of school...I can still smell the hallways of Hagerstown Elementary and the fragrance of fresh crayons still makes me smile...a little reminiscing about a day a very long time ago....


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