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Perfect End-of-Summer Day

The Only Thing Sweeter


The 2018 honey harvest on the Gray compound was a good one this year.



Our 3 hives produced 16 gallons...



...of sweet liquid gold.  DELICIOUS!!!

By the way, even though we do love our honey and eat oodles of it, we've still got plenty for sale so if you live in our area give me a holler!



The master uncapper at work...



The best treat of the summer...a warm chunk of honey-soaked wax fresh off the hive!  Reminds me of my childhood watching Daddy work in his honey house.  The smell of hot beeswax brings back wonderful childhood memories...



After the frames are uncapped, they are put in the extractor where centrifugal force (created by my heavily perspiring man turning the crank on top while I hold the lids on and keep the extractor steady all the while trying to avoid his excessive sweatiness....such a pretty visual, I know...).



Not to fear!  Kassie chased down the few stray honeybees that made their way into the garage.



Then the honey drains down through a screen and into the tank below.



The only thing sweeter than a batch of warm fresh honey...



...are our honey harvest helpers.



Terri Chapman

Looks delicious!! Your honey always tastes so good.

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