August Ladies
Monarch Mama

From Florida, With Love


Mama had a fun couple of days with her Florida granddaughter Seanna, who flew on an airplane BY HERSELF to Indiana for a week-long fling before her school starts. 

Seanna spent 4 days with her exciting and energetic (at least, compared to me) Aunt Barb before coming to her grandma's house where daily life is a little lot slower.



Seanna is the daughter of my youngest sister Maria.



At the end of Seanna's vacation week, she and Wyatt made the drive up to join Seanna for a few days.

My, how quickly these kids are growing up!  Wyatt will be a high school junior and Seanna an 8th-grader.



Middle sister Barb came up from Bloomington for the day.  Love me some Seesta/Mama time!!!



Visits to Mama's always include delicious sweet treats...this time fresh peach pies!  

Can you tell which top crust I finished and which one Maria and Barb finished?



The "M" should give you a they loaded on as much crust as possible...



Although Wyatt tried to stake his claim as owner since it had his initial on it.  :)



I'm suspecting that this was a common sight at Mama's during Maria's visit.  They both love nap time!



A little photo session for our annual family calendar...Seanna was in prime form!



And we all know how much teenage boys LOVE having their photos taken.  After much coaxing and teasing, we finally got Wyatt to give me a real smile!



I wish they didn't live so far away...but we always treasure our times all together.

So glad they made the trip...

..from Florida, with love.



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