So Happy Together
A Mighty Fine Man

All Four Out the Door


For the very first time, all four of our next-door grandchildren are off to school.



Karter, our oldest grandchild at 10 years old, is starting 5th grade at Shenandoah Elementary...



Kaden, 8 years old, is beginning 3rd grade....



And 5-year-old twins Kassie...



...and Kelsey are in full-day kindergarten.



They were all super-excited for the new school year as they waited for the school bus yesterday morning.

Starting school on August 2.  Insane.

Eight weeks of summer, gone just like that.



New backpacks for new adventures ahead!



The girls are SOOO READY....and SOOO EXCITED!!!

They are in the same classroom with the same kindergarten teacher that their brothers had who is also a church friend, Mrs. Moore.



All growing up so very fast!  Where did our babies go?!



Prayer is the best way to start a school morning!



A kiss for luck...



...and they're on their way!

Like all the other kindergarten parents, Mommy Dana took the girls to school on the first day so they reluctantly watched their brothers board the bus.  From now on, they'll be climbing those steps too.

Their bus driver Dawn is the daughter of Bill, who was their Daddy Kristoffer's bus driver when he was in school.  Dawn's brother JB drove when their father Bill retired, and now that JB has given it up his sister took over his route, keeping it all in the family.



Gramaw and Papaw walked down to see the girls get off the bus after their first day of school



All indications are that they had a great start to their Shenandoah school career.

It's a new season for Mommy Dana too...



...sending all four out the door.



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