Fly-In Fun
Road-Tripping with the Gray Gang

This is Us


This photo just makes me laugh...the perfect depiction of a wonderfully fun-and-crazy vacation with our entire family.

Twenty-one people...10 adults (somewhat...) and 11 children under the age of 10...all under one roof for one glorious week in our favorite spot on earth, Emerald Isle, North Carolina.

At nearly any given moment during the daylight hours (and even a few in the middle of the night), somebody was not happy.  And Gramaw loved it all!!!

The cast of characters for the week...



Our oldest son Kristoffer with his wife Dana and their 4 younguns...Karter (10 years old), Kaden (8), Kassie & Kelsey (5 1/2)...



Our daughter Emily and her husband Zach brought their two adorable foster children....



Our son Kamaron and his wife Anique and their two babes...Krew (4) and Juni (2 1/2)...



And our youngest Kyler with his wife Kara and their 3 littles....Abram (4), Daniel (2 months), and Lucy (2).



The patriarch and matriarch of this precious Gray man Kim and me!

Stay tuned this week for more about our vacation adventures.



This is us.




Anique Gray

I love how Juni sees Krew covering his ears so she cries harder in his Fun times.

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