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A Two-Birthdays Party

Spring Chicks


We know spring is officially here when the chicks arrive!



This year, 100 1-day-old baby chicks showed up safe and sound at the local post office...25 brown pullets (Hubbard Golden Comet pullets) that will be kept as layers and 75 Cornish Cross variety that we will butcher in 7 weeks for some mighty good eating next winter.



They are cuter now than they ever will be...in just a couple of days, they'll be getting their feathers and losing their cuteness.



Speaking of cuteness, Juni will never lose hers!  At 2 1/2-years-old, she is an animal lover and took to the baby chicks right away.



Dad often used the phrase "She's no spring chick" to describe a woman....how shall I say this???....past her prime.



In a few short weeks, these will no longer by "spring chicks"....



...but not so with our sweet, beautiful Juni-girl.

The baby birds are temporarily cute, but I'll never see the day when she's not a pretty little...

...spring chick.




Anique Gray

Animals bring out such a tender side of Juni girl! Thank you for capturing this...she absolutely loved the chicks :)

Terri Chapman

Adorable...and I still remember Ryan , Kyler, and her Daddy in there with them. I believe we have a few pictures of that :)

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