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Spring Chicks

Home Again!


Yes, I'm home!

No, I'm not caught up yet.  At. All.

I just finished loading all 1500+ photos I took while in Kenya, sorted through and deleted about 1/3 of them, so I've "only" got 1000ish to look through, organize, and hopefully share several handfuls with you all.

This, by the way, is a Superb Starling, taken from the window of the team building where we stayed on the Mahali pa Maisha property in Kenya.  I don't think he fancied me taking his picture!

I've just been inundated with trying to catch up on everything from mail, to bills, to church stuff, to family stuff...haven't had time to really enjoy my photos or blog about my trip yet.

But trust me, I will.  Soon.  Very soon.  Maybe tomorrow, but definitely by next week.  So check back in on this Not-Quite-Country Girl soon.

As much as I loved our trip, it feels so very good to be...

....home again!




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