Celebrating EIGHT
FOUR Faces



My four youngest grandchildren got gliders for Christmas this year from Gramaw and Papaw.



Yesterday I got to see the local littles in action, as Krew (who'll be 4 years old next week)...



...and Juni (2 years old) brought their gliders to the cabin to ride.



Of course, Bunny is Juni's constant companion....



Krew is so much like his Daddy Kamaron, intense in everything he does.



I'm amazed at how easily and quickly they have gotten the hang of riding them.

That's their Mommy Anique, serving as a roadblock...

Credit goes to another of my daughter-in-laws Kara, mother of the other two youngest Grays, for choosing these gliders and putting that specific bug in Gramaw's ear.  They are stable and low to the ground...great choice!



Papaw had to get in on the act.  No Papaw...you are too big!



That is a smile of pure joy!



And that is the determination (and there is a smile hiding behind that serious countenance....) of a Gray boy!




Love, love, love my little...





Anique Gray

These are such a great gift. We'll have to come and glide more as it gets warmer and warmer! Thank you for the sweet pictures and memories.

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