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Wednesdays with Mama


Most Wednesdays I spend with two women that have shaped me into who I am. 

My sister Barb (who is 3 years younger than me and my closest sibling, both in age and proximity) and our Mama.



They aren't earth-shaking visits, but they are special times for us.  Time has a way of slipping away and these everyday moments we share are important to all of us, and I decided this year to photograph more of our everyday moments together.  No one knows how many more Wednesdays like this that we will have...we certainly hope for years' worth, but as we all know, nothing is guaranteed.

So here's glimpse into an ordinary visit....

Mama often has a sweet treat for us!  No complaints here!!!



A little Show-and-Tell is always on the agenda.  Mama always gives us her update on her on-going sewing projects, and since her retirement gift to herself was a new fancy-schmancy sewing machine, Barb has gotten serious quilt-fever.

Isn't this the most beautiful little quilt Barb created for the baby grandson of one of her friends?

As you can see, I have nothing to Show-and-Tell.  No projects in the works either...for now, anyway.  I'm the less creative one of the trio....



Mama always has advice...both solicited and unsolicited.  :)



We always go out for lunch, and this week we stopped at Abbott's Candy to buy a few treats.  A girl needs her chocolate!

Barb usually is the one to take care of paying Mama's bills, so that's on the weekly agenda.  

I'm the sidelines cheerleader and entertainment.  I like my role!



Mama always has an update on her beloved cat Lovey.  As you can see, that is NOT a look of love on Lovey's face.  Lovey and I tolerate each other...only because Mama adores us both.  

If Lovey didn't shed and leave light hairs all over my clothes when I leave, I'd like her a lot more.  

I'm just not a cat person.  But Mama loves her and that's all that matters.



Someday I need to just walk my camera through Mama's home and take photos of all the "still life" arrangements there.  That would definitely make for an interesting post.

They may seem ordinary and mundane and maybe a tad bit boring to others, but Barb and I both treasure our...

...Wednesdays with Mama.





Is that the cotton from our farm? Love all the pics. So happy that you three get together weekly. How wonderful.

Terri Chapman

What a wonderful thing to do...I know how treasured those moments are first hand!! :)

Anique Gray

You have a precious Mama. I love seeing these "everyday" happenings that are everything!

Donna Cronk

I would call them priceless.


Those regular, ordinary visits are treasured by me, too!! Your presence makes them extra special Terry!! Love Mama and my Indiana sis!

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