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Some of my dearest friends...CJ and Leann and their girls...I love them so much!

And they love me too...and show me all year long.  But Christmas is especially fun, because Leann always goes to great lengths to give me the perfect personalized Christmas gift.

This year she outdid herself, reaching across the globe for my perfect present. 

She apologetically pulled me aside at church on Christmas Eve to tell me that my gift was going to be late this year.  She had ordered it online right after Thanksgiving and it still hadn't arrived yet, so she had checked into the situation and discovered that my Christmas gift had been mysteriously detained indefinitely by US Customs as it entered the country.

WHAT???!!!  I couldn't imagine what it could be and Leann had no idea why her gift would warrant suspicion by the authorities.  But that little tidbit of information certainly piqued my interest.

My Christmas present was on an adventure of its own!  Christmas + intrigue = a fun combination.



This week Leann was giddy as she stopped by the church, where CJ and I were both at work,  (I'm the office administrator at Sulphur Springs Christian Church and CJ is our senior pastor), carrying a gift bag.

My Christmas present had arrived!!!

CJ and Leann both warned me that the gift itself would be anticlimactic compared to the hoopla surrounding its journey.  I didn't care one whit!  I've never met a  present I didn't love...and I was extra-excited to open this one.

And I love it that she saved the packaging to show me...how it had traveled from Ukraine and made its unexpected layover in the US Customs office.



Ta-da!!!  My very own personalized engraved ice cream spoon!

Now exactly why this innocent little spoon threw up all kinds of red flags for airport security is beyond all of us, but apparently it did.  



Leann added to the special spoon her very favorite seasonal Christmas ice cream flavor and a gorgeous Pioneer Woman (I'm a fan!) ice cream bowl, along with a SUBZERO ice cream shop gift card for this girl's PERFECT Christmas present.

Travel adventure + ice cream indulgence =

...the perfect combination.




Donna Cronk

Everything's better with a great story attached ... and what a super nice gift, too! How thoughtful!

Terri Chapman

That is awesome ...and PERFECT fro you...the "ice cream lover"!! :)

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