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According to the Urban Dictionary (who needs Webster?!), the street definition of "pyromaniac":

A person who absolutely loves fire. The smell of smoke sends them into ecstasy. Lighting a candle and blowing it out and relighting it and blowing it out repeatedly, watching the smoke lightly twirl around in the air...watching a flame on a lighter flickering is fun and addicting, but watching a full piece of paper burn all the way to the bottom is complete elation. 



I know someone like that.  My 3 1/2-year-old grandson Abram has loved anything fire-related since his first Halloween when his Daddy Kyler introduced him to jack-o-lanterns. He was hooked.



It's in his genes, I suppose.  There's nothing that my Gray men love more than a big ole blazing fire!



Our burn pile this year had grown massive, mainly due to the branch clean-up after Kim had seven trees cut down on the Gray compound last summer. Add to that some Christmas trash and a few other odds and ends that accumulated, every trip to add something to the burn pile left Kim and Kristoffer nearly giddy with delight at the thought of someday getting to set it on fire.  

Yes.  I think they are ALL closet pyromaniacs.



Knowing Abram's love for fire (and perhaps using the little guy as an excuse!), they decided on the coldest day of 2017, in single-digit temperatures and sub-zero wind chills, to start THE FIRE. 

"Since Abram is here."  Yeah, right.



Gray men on a mission.



My boys don't just throw in a match and let it happen.  Oh no.  After carefully gauging the direction of the wind, strategically placing easily-combustible boxes, and discussing all possible scenarios, they were finally prepared to light!

Light the dang wood, already!  This photographer was FREEZING!!!



The magic begins...




I guess there's just something very primal about fire that must be inborn in males. In my experience, women don't seem to be as fascinated or drawn to fire as men.  Fire is one of the basic elements of the earth and has been around since its beginnings.  Maybe it's connected to the male innate survival instinct.  I don't understand.



It took a few minutes, but soon the flames and smoke had the boys squealing (both aloud and silently) with delight.



This gal was more-than-ready to head inside to MY own fire in the cabin fireplace, but the fellas stayed out there in that brutal cold (although I heard the fire kept them plenty toasty) for nearly an hour.

Just watching the flames.  And smoke.



I don't understand, but I sure do love them despite their...





Donna Cronk

I'm with you, Terry. A fire in your cozy cabin fireplace would be just right!


We talk about Papaw’s fire multiple times a day.

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