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Operation Relocation


If you happened to be the driver of the one lone car motoring down our country road at 5:30 this morning, before the sun came up (and thankfully before the rain came down!), you might have witnessed yet another one of our crazy adventures.

We moved our beehives.  

No, not just for the fun of it. I can think of better ways to have fun!

And yes, the bees (at least most of them for most of the time) were still inside.



For the past several years, our beehives have had a nice home nestled under and partially protected by a huge pine tree near our barn.

The flooding we've had this year, coupled with a few wind storms, have loosened the roots....



...have caused the huge pine to lean substantially.

So much so that it is in danger of crashing down.

Onto the barn.

And the beehives.

The Tree Guy (as I so affectionately call him as I have no idea what his name is) is coming next week to take down the big pine and 4 other trees that are already dead around our property.

I am so proud of myself that Kim actually phoned the Tree Guy instead of trying to do it himself (which he did once, endangering not only his life but the lives of my boys as well and angering me to the point of NEVER FORGETTING and OFTEN REMINDING him how he tried to kill my family...I'm getting worked up just writing about it.  As that infamous incident turned out, that tree fell against our rec room necessitating a call to the Tree Guy after Kim's failed attempt who bailed Kim out of the mess and told us it would have been easier and therefore cheaper if he'd have just called the Tree Guy to begin with.)  

I was going to say that's another story for another time, but I think I've already pretty much told it to you right there...

Anyhoo, for some unknown reason the Tree Guy insisted that we had to move the beehives before he'd cut down the tree.

The big sissy...

I thought it would actually be a good test of his lumberjack prowess to work around the hives, but he didn't think my idea was funny. I wasn't trying to be funny...I just REALLY DID NOT WANT to move the beehives. But no one seems to care what I really don't want to do around here...

So, to make a short story long (which I seem to be doing here), the bees had to find a new home.



So while it was still dark, we moved them one by one about 100 feet across the yard.  Okay, maybe not that far...but a ways....

What the driver of that lone car saw/heard were 2 old folks looking like lost astronauts wearing bee suits, scooting a hive onto the tractor scoop then slowly driving the tractor to the new location and setting it into place, exchanging a few exasperated/frustrated/heated words in the process. Although I wouldn't describe it as simple and smooth, and those bees didn't all stay sleeping inside their hives and many hundreds awakened a little very mad at us.  We certainly aren't ready to hire ourselves out yet as professional beehive movers.

But we got 'er dun...and each one of us only got stung once.



Their new location will be handier for us, as the shed with all the bee equipment is very close by now. 

And they will soon get accustomed to their new flight patterns. Bees are very smart that way.

So, with a huge sigh of relief that it's done, we'll call it a success:

Operation Relocation.





Would love t have seen/heard the move!

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