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"Lick and Turn"


One of the most satisfying days of my life happened last week.

Two years after I began writing my second book, 500 finished copies arrived on my doorstep.

(I don't think Dean, my UPS man, was quite as excited about delivering this shipment as I was receiving it...)



I imagine every author must feel the same way. After endless hours of interviewing, sorting and organizing, writing, editing, rewriting, re-editing.

Formatting, reformatting.

Reading.  Rereading, and rereading a few more times.

For me, arising each day at 3:30 am. to get my quiet, coffee-filled writing time in before the day's responsibilities and life's obligations took over.



There's a whole lot more in these boxes than just a couple hundred pages of words.

Two years (off-and-on) of my life poured into what's between those covers.

I started this book the summer of my cancer treatments, writing the first few chapters while I was undergoing chemotherapy and radiation.

And then, my illness and additional family stuff caught up with me, dwindling away my energy and writing time, and pushing the book project onto the back burner where it simmered in the back of my mind for over a year.

Late this spring, I started writing in earnest again. And it felt good!


From the get-go, "Lick and Turn" has been a God-project.  It is the true life story of my friends Dave and Jen Bell, whom God called out of their comfortable American-dream life into a life of missionary service overseas.  It is a story of obedience and questioning and faith and frustration and service and equipping and doubts and determination and grace...both theirs and mine.

Many times over the course of these past couple of years, I have wondered if the book would ever become a reality. So many challenges to overcome, physical as well as mental, not to mention the 8000 miles that separated this author from her book's subjects. Many mornings I sat at my computer, at a loss as to how to begin a chapter or how to best communicate what I wanted to our readers to know. But nothing is impossible with God, and I'm not exaggerating when I say many, many times He directed my fingers to type words I've never used and I'd have to look them up in the dictionary just to be sure He was having me use them correctly.  (I'm chuckling as I type that...thinking I actually used www.dictionary.com to check up on God's grammar and vocabulary usage!) While I am in NO WAY comparing myself to any of the Biblical writers, I do think I got a teeny-tiny inkling of how they must've felt as God directed their human hands to write.  He did that on my behalf many times in this journey.

The Bells and I are excited to share this labor of love -- God's love -- with the world!  The official book launch will be this coming Sunday, August 6, following Worship at little ole White Branch Church of the Brethren where Dave and I both grew up.  The book has its very own Facebook page, so you can "Like" it and keep updated on book signing events and how you can get your very own copy and other book-related stuff. Every penny of book sales will go back into the Bells' infant rescue ministry in Kenya.

I feel like a proud new mama introducing her baby into the world!



Ladies and gentlemen...we humbly and gratefully present to you...

..."Lick and Turn."




I can hardly wait hope to be there on Sunday, and knowing your book on Winnie I just know it will
be great, God has given you a great talent, Love you much

Terri Chapman

Congratulations!!!! You are a wonderful writer and I am sure this one is just as wonderful as all the other things you have completed. God Bless ....

Love ya, Terri

Emily Whaley

So happy for you to get this done and I'm looking forward to reading it! Congratulations on such a huge accomplishment and letting God guide you as you wrote the book. You are such an inspiration and I am blessed to call you my mom...love you!!!

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