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Carolina Cuties



My youngest son Kyler drove his family home to Indiana for a quick visit last week so he and wife Kara could attend their 10th Class Reunion.

And Papaw and I got to spend some precious time with Lucy Pearl (15 months) and Abram (3 years).



Aunt Kara had a fun surprise for the back-to-schoolers next door.

We're trying to train Kassie-girl to look at the camera.  Is it working???



Miss Lucy had fun with Gramaw's old Happy Meal toys...




And she was pretty happy about Papaw's corn on the cob!  She's a 2-ear girl!



This one makes me smile!  Such personality in that busy little body of his...



Amazing that this wind-up acrobatic gorilla still works after 20 years and countless wind-ups by not-so-careful fingers....



It still brings delight!  Abram got so excited he had to hold himself down...




The little things in life....



Baby in a basket!  Not just any old basket...that basket belonged to Lucy's Great-Great-Grandpa Russell Fuson who carried ears of corn in it to feed his pigs.

If I'd have ever tried to put her in this basket to pose for a photo, I can betcha she wouldn't have had anything to do with it. But on her own, a different story....



And then, just like that, they are gone again.

We're already missing...

...our Carolina cuties.




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