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So Glad It's Friday!


I'm feeling like Mama Kitty this morning...wiped out!

But unlike Mama Kitty, I can't lounge around on the porch all day like I'd so LOVE to. I've got one more day of Vacation Bible School ahead of me....

Today we're closing out a fantastic week of VBS at our church.  We've had over 80 children come every day, bringing all their innocence and energy and exuberance for life with them. 

I've always loved VBS week from the time I was a child, such great memories of Bible School at our little country White Branch Church of the Brethren. Simple songs and homemade crafts and outdoor games and cookies and punch and a few little decorations...nothing nearly as complex as our VBS today, with its elaborate stage decorations and videos and healthy snacks and electronic Bible Buddies.  Things in the VBS world, like the rest of the world, sure have changed over the years!  Mama always helped with VBS, and I have, and now I proudly watch my daughter Emily and daughter-in-law Dana doing the very same thing. It's a wonderful legacy.

But one thing hasn't changed... it's always an EXHAUSTING week for everyone involved, the children and parents and teachers. I've taken lots of photos that I'll share with you next week, but this morning I'm just too tuckered out.

I've enjoyed every single day and I'm not one to wish my life away, but I have to admit...

...I'm so glad it's Friday!




Donna Cronk

I always attended as a kid at my little home church, Brownsville United Methodist, and it was just as you describe. Today's VBS is a mega-production by comparison. I haven't helped in years but I remember when I did, that absolutely wiped-out feeling. How fun, though, it has to be to have grandchildren and your adult children involved.
What blessings you have in your local, close-knit family!

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