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days in the life of a
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Hi!  I'm Terry!
I'm living a wonderful
life in rural Indiana
with my husband of
32 years.... the mother to 4 grown children, mother-in-
law to 4, and Gramaw to
4 precious grandbabies!

   I love it out here in the country, but I'm not really into the "country girl" lifestyle, so I consider myself to be a Not-Quite-Country Girl!
   I started this website in July 2008 as a way of
keeping my children, who are scattered hither and yon, up with what's happening back on our 40-acre farm.  It's turned out to be more fun than I even opportunity for me to share my love for photography and ramble on about my ordinary life.
  God has richly blessed me! 
  Welcome to my Not-Quite-Country world! 

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days in the life of a
July 12, 2013

I'm SO EXCITED to show you this... one of the COOLEST images I have ever created.

Well, God created it...and I just captured it!

Do you know what it's a photo of?  


Actually, star trails.

I took a whole lot of photos of the clear, starry sky late last night and stacked them together to create this image.  You can see how the earth's rotation creates concentric circles in the sky with the stars.  The stars nor the camera are's totally the earth's rotation that creates the design!

I've wanted to try this FOREVER, and especially the last few weeks as I've been reading up on it, but last night was the first night when the conditions were right to try. As in CLEAR skies (haven't seen any of those in a couple of weeks!) with a dark moon...I just had to give it a shot.  Or many, many shots....

If the conditions are right, I may just try this at the beach next week.  Beautiful stars over the ocean waves....ahhh.....

Yep!  We're heading to the BEACH!!!

All four of our kids and their peeps are meeting Kim and me on Emerald Isle for what promises to be a WONDERFUL time!  

After the craziness of the past few weeks, I'm really, really ready to get away.

Ready to trade my porch view of cornfields for a view of sand dunes and ocean waves... Can't wait!!!

David is holding down the fort and taking care of our menagerie while we're gone... so thankful for that!

This Not-Quite-Country Girl is heading to the seashore for some R & R, so I won't be posting next week.  But check back the week after that for plenty of stories and photos.

I'll be sure a kick a little sand around and pick up some seashells for you...

Yessirree, this Hoosier girl is...

 The past few months have brought a lot of frustration trying to edit and publish my website was taking all the fun out of it for me!

After much thought, a few sleepless nights, and considerable mulling over, I've decided to leave this website format and begin a new photoblog.  This site will continue to be up for awhile, as I move anything worth keeping to the new site, but I won't be adding any new photos or content.

So...I invite you to visit my new blog...still named
Not-Quite-Country Girl!  My domain will eventually be switched over, but for now the new URL is:


Or...keep it simple and just CLICK HERE!!!